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Private Investigators You Can Trust

April 05, 2020
Private Investigators

McDonald & Associates is the largest private investigative firm in the Northwest, with operations in several cities, including Seattle. We specialize in providing affordable investigative services to businesses and individuals who are dealing with difficult situations, including employees or partners who lie, steal, or worse. 

Experienced Private Investigators

Are you dealing with losses to your business or in your home? When things go missing, it can be hard to figure out what happened. Our private investigators have the tools and experience necessary to expose the truth and help you find peace of mind. 

Legal Services and Investigations

Every case is unique, but most cases have similar threads that run through them. The private investigators at McDonald & Associates are trained to recognize these similarities and track behaviors that are nefarious in nature. 

In the case that your company is missing financial assets, evidence might be digital. Often criminals try to hide their illegal actions by deleting incriminating documents. With the right tools, our private investigators can retrieve deleted documents and expose the dishonesty that has taken place. 

We have served the greater Seattle area for more than 35 years. We know the challenges that stand in the way of gathering evidence. Our highly skilled investigators are trained to overcome such obstacles and provide compelling evidence to support your case or lay it to rest. 

If you are in need of investigative services, reach out to the private investigators at McDonald & Associates today. They will hear your case and gather any information they might need to get started on your investigation. Once the necessary evidence has been gathered, they will present it to you for review so that you can take your next steps. 

Call McDonald & Associates: Private Investigators in Seattle at (206) 309-8737 to get started on your investigation today. Go forward with the clarity you need to make the best decisions for you or your business. 

Private Investigation Firm with 25 years Experience


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