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Private Investigators in Seattle, WA

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McDonald & Associates is a professional organization that provides cost-effective investigative services to clients who are combating fraudulent and exaggerated claims. We have served the Greater Seattle area for decades and we pride ourselves on being the largest private investigative firm in the Northwest. 

Each metropolitan area has complications that make private investigations a challenge and Seattle is no different. Seattle has been a center for rapid growth over the past several years, creating larger crowds and more construction. Our private investigators know these challenges and have the experience necessary to navigate them.

Common Seattle Private Investigations

Marital Issues

Marital issues are always sensitive matters. Infidelity, illegal drug use and other immoral behaviors might play a role in the disintegration of a marriage. If your spouse is participating in these behaviors, a private investigator can provide evidence that can be used in court or for other necessary actions.

Child Custody/Support

Our private investigations can help you determine if abuse is taking place while your child is in the care of another parent or caretaker. These custodial investigations can also ensure that the terms and conditions of your arrangements are being followed.


With McDonald & Associates, you can have a private investigator perform background checks on caretakers and conduct surveillance to make sure that your children, seniors or pets are being properly cared for. 


If you fear that you are being stalked by an ex-spouse, co-worker, ex-lover or anyone else, our private investigators in Seattle can confirm and provide evidence to share with the authorities.

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I use McDonald & Associates to investigate fraudulent insurance claims. They do a very good job and have been around forever. If you want investigators with a proven track record and lots of experience, these are the guys.
- Ben Gagne